A Trade Marks is a sign which distinguishes the goods and services of one trader from those of another. A sign includes words, logos, pictures, names, letters, numbers or a combination of these.

A Trade Marks is used as a marketing tool to enable customers in recognizing the product of a particular trader.  

Register your Trade Marks protect signs that can distinguish the goods and services of one trader from those of another.

A trade mark protects any sign or symbol that allows your customers to tell you apart from your competitors. You can register a name, logo, slogan, domain name, shape, colour or sound.

To be registered, a trade mark must be:

An invented word/words,

Names of person/firm/company mentioned in a specific manner,

Applicant's signature,

Words with no direct relation to goods or services,  geographical name of surname.

Any distinctive sign such logos, pictures, symbol etc.

Not deceptive/confusing, or contrary to law and scandalous/offensive.

Not identical or similar to earlier registered/application trade marks.

Not identical or similar to well-known trade mark.

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